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Oy RL-TRANS Ab is an independent European bulk logistics service provider. We provide individual and comprehensive logistical solutions Europe-wide with over 60 years of experience. Since 1955 we have been keeping international shipments moving.

RL-TRANS-The bulk logistics expert.

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Press Release

RL-Trans won two prestigious awards in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge 2022

RL-Trans has achieved an extraordinary feat by clinching the most coveted award for remarkably reducing carbon dioxide emissions among Finnish companies in the competition. We not only set a benchmark for environmental sustainability, but we also demonstrated remarkable progress by having the best improvement of the overall index score. This remarkable accomplishment serves as a testament to RL-Trans’ commitment towards delivering a greener future.

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Press Release

Eco-Driving Challenge 2020 Winner

Eco-Driving Challenge 2020 Winner PRESS RELEASE 02.2020 AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge Reduced CO2 Emissions by 16,700 Tons Close to 11,000 drivers from all over Europe participated in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge during 2020. And around 72 companies with 132 teams and approximately 7,200 vehicles took part

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Press Release

RL-TRANS introduces two LNG-powered trucks into the fleet

THE LNG BULK TANKER PRESS RELEASE 11.2019 RL-TRANS introduces two LNG-powered trucks into the fleet Gas trucks are quieter and more energy efficient than traditional diesel trucks This autumn, RL-Trans acquired two new trucks that run on LNG (liquefied natural gas). The trucks will be

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A unified and controlled corporate image can be used to communicate a strong, unified company. The uniform look speaks of RL-Trans’s dedication to quality, consistency and elegance.

The look of RL-Trans, including the logo, colors, typography and graphic elements are important company tools. These tools must be used correctly and consistently so that our intended message appears clearly.

Primary Version / Full Colour
For use on light backgrounds

rltrans black logo

Secondary Version / Black
For use on light backgrounds

rltrans silver logo

Secondary Version / Silver
For use on dark backgrounds

rltrans negative logo

Negative Version
For special applications only

rltrans graphite truck logo

Graphite Version
For use on transport units

Full Colour Version
Use the PANTONE version in specialized applications only i.e. stationery, business gifts and marketing. Use the CMYK version if the PANTONE version cannot be used, and for all internally printed documents. Use the RGB version in digital and video.

Single Colour Versions
These versions can be utilized where space is limited and the purpose of branding is more subtle such as graphical user interfaces.

Negative version
This version is only for use on clothing.

Graphite version
This version is only for use on transport unit branding.

CMYK: Used mainly in printed images and materials.

RGB: Used mainly in digital images and video.

HEX: Colour codes. Used for defining font colours on websites.

PMS: PANTONE colour standards. Used when printing e.g. on textiles and specialty materials such as plastics. 

RAL: A colour coding system used in industrial paints, including metallic colours.

The slate symbol, tagline and logotype make up the logo.
The elements should not be repositioned, altered or removed.
The full colour version is the preferred one.
Leave white space around the logo.
The logo should always be positioned in a clear area.
Do not add a surrounding outline to the logo.
The exlusion zone is measured using the height of the letter R.
The size of the exclusion zone above the slate symbol is the same as the space between it and the logotype.

Logo with tagline: Minimum width: 30mm
Logo without tagline: Minimum width: 20mm

Colour palette


C0 M30 Y45 K25
R202 G159 B122
PMS 4655 C

C70 M65 Y60 K30
R78 G76 B79
PMS Black C

C0 M0 Y0 K10
R237 G237 B237
PMS Silver C


C81 M17 Y64 K2
R23 G153 B122
HTML 17997A

C83 M32 Y27 K1
R13 G137 B165

C21 M100 Y96 K14
R175 G31 B39


Typography in professional productions / EXO 2
Typography plays an important role in conveying quality and atmosphere. Thoughtful use of typography communicates clarity and harmony.

Typography for internal documents / Arial
For internally produced documents, replace EXO2 with the Arial typeface. Due to the fact that EXO 2 is not available on  company PCs.

Vehicle Branding

Differentiation through brand recognition. Vehicles are valuable image carriers for the brand experience. The brand is carried into the public conciousness through vehicle labelling. Branding and painting guidelines available upon request. 

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