Eco-Driving Challenge 2020 Winner


AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge Reduced CO2 Emissions by 16,700 Tons

Close to 11,000 drivers from all over Europe participated in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge during 2020. And around 72 companies with 132 teams and approximately 7,200 vehicles took part in the popular competition.

Ahola and RL-Trans were the most successful teams in Finland. Team Nordic Tractor from RL-Trans gained the best Eco-Driving Index in the last quarter. Ahola, on the other hand, had the largest reduction in CO2 in Finland. The French transport company Ambroise won the most prestigious prize for making the largest reduction in CO2.

AddSecure announced the results of its Eco-Driving 2020 competition. The competition is voluntary for Smart Transport customers and is based on the AddSecure Eco-Driving Index. According to AddSecure’s analysis, the improved driving behaviour resulted in demonstrably significant fuel savings. When comparing the 2020 results with results from the first challenge in 2017, it is clear that the competing companies reduced their total annual consumption by approximately 6,3 million litres of diesel. This, in turn, reduced CO2 emissions by circa 16,700 tons and saved about 6,9 million euros.

To fuel the tension, the 72 competing companies were divided into six different classes based on country (SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, FR). In addition, European bus operators formed one class. During the competition, AddSecure continuously updated a performance sheet on the company’s website to keep all stakeholders informed of the competition’s progress. The website presents the leaders in three categories:

1. Largest CO2 Savings in Absolute Terms (“AddSecure Eco-Momentum”)

2. Best Eco-Driving Average

3. Best Improvement of Eco-Driving Index


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