RL-TRANS introduces two LNG-powered trucks into the fleet

Gas trucks are quieter and more energy efficient than traditional diesel trucks

This autumn, RL-Trans acquired two new trucks that run on LNG (liquefied natural gas). The trucks will be used for about a year to gather experience before more gas trucks are acquired.

– We want to meet tomorrow’s demand, today, says Market Manager Andreas Lindedahl, and refers to that the EU is calling for a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030.

– In addition, our customers want more sustainable transport, and this is a way to respond to that.

LNG trucks have many advantages compared with traditional diesel trucks. They are quieter, which is an advantage when driving in city centres where there may be noise limits. In addition, LNG trucks are more energy efficient and consume 20% less fuel than traditional trucks.

"Our gas trucks are already in normal traffic. The only challenge is that gas trucks cannot yet be used on all routes, as there are not enough LNG filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in Finland"

The amount of filling stations is still increasing all the time, and Lindedahl is convinced that gas trucks are the future.

– I see LNG as a transition fuel because it is fossil after all. In the future, the same trucks will be able to run on biogas.