Digitalisation & Technology


RL-Trans’ mission is to provide integrated and tailor-made logistics to several key industries. In the accomplishment of this mission, our ICT department plays a significant role.

The ICT department supports us in enhancing our operations through real time analytics and process optimisation. It also provides our customers with value-added services.

Remote Silo Monitoring

Through integrations with our customers’ systems, we are able to remotely monitor their silos, keeping track of stock levels. Enabling us to do automatic deliveries whenever there is a need to fill up the silos with more materials.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Our trucks are equipped with an on-board computer that gives real-time feedback to the drivers regarding their driving style.

In addition to measuring fuel consumption, the system tells the drivers exactly where they need to improve and where they excel. Idling, speeding and heavy use of the brakes is not encouraged, as these behaviours increases fuel consumption and wear on the trucks.

The Safety Bulk Tanker

RL-Trans has developed the safest bulk truck in the Nordics. The concept truck prevents accidents through advanced technology, from an 11-camera system to an active suspension with anti-topple technology.

Customer Portal

Our LogiDirect portal offers an overview of your orders and their statuses. Orders can be viewed in detail and contain planned and actual loading/unloading dates and real-time positioning on a map.

If we are storing your products at our Bulk Terminal, we also provide the possibility to check stock statuses and incoming and outgoing goods through the customer portal.

BUlk Logistics Experts

Our customers can have complete confidence in our expertise, as well as our high-tech equipment

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LogiDirect Portal

An overview of your orders and their statuses with real-time truck positioning.

Warehouse Portal

Check your stock and incoming/outgoing goods from our warehouses.

Bulker Portal

Employee and Driver Intranet.