Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Do you want to optimise your logistics and simultaneously concentrate on your core competency? Our interest extends beyond the simple transport of products, as we also offer new logistic concepts to help our customers. We can realise tailor-made logistical services, complete outsourcing projects, or on-site logistics.

Vacuum Silo

Is your tower silo storage facility contaminated? Or do you face some other production optimisation or disposal problem?

Then you can count on us. We offer swift and flexible assistance with our powerful and efficient suction silo vehicles.

Remote Silo Monitoring

Through integrations with our customers’ IT systems, we can remotely monitor their silos, keeping track of stock levels. 

Enabling us to do automatic deliveries whenever there is a need to fill up the silos with more material. 

Wash & Service

The purity of products can only be guaranteed when vehicles are cleaned according to professional guidelines. We therefore have our own cleaning and service facilities to always keep our equipment in state-of-the-art shape.

Bulk Terminal Warehousing

We also store and load various dry bulk products at our own Bulk Terminal in Lapväärtti. Through our customer portal we provide the possibility to check stock statuses and incoming and outgoing goods.

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Smart Bulk

Smart Bulk is our eco-driving initiative. All our trucks are equipped with an on-board computer that gives real-time feedback to the drivers regarding their driving style.

Safety Bulk Tanker

RL-Trans has developed the safest bulk truck in Scandinavia. The new concept truck prevents accidents through advanced technology. From an 11 camera system to anti-topple protection.


Our drivers are our ambassadors and we continually educate and train our personnel according to the latest standards and legislation. We all work together to ensure that you get the best possible service.