RL Trans operates responsibly and openly

The Whistleblowing procedure is designed to ensure that employees who detect suspicions of misconduct, other violations, or actions against regulations have access to a confidential channel to reach an entirely independent entity. We take allegations of misconduct seriously, and our goal is to provide an easy and confidential channel for reporting.

According to the guidelines, employees, customers, or other stakeholders can report activities they suspect to be in violation of Finnish or EU legislation or contrary to RL Trans’s internal guidelines and principles.

What cases should I report and through which channel?

We encourage you to bring forward any possible suspicions of misconduct. Such misconduct or violations may include fraudulent, dishonest, illegal, or unethical activities or behavior, or any other actions contrary to regulations and directives.

Please note that the Whistleblowing channel is intended solely for reporting suspicions of misconduct. The reporting channel is not meant for providing customer feedback or lodging complaints. For notifications unrelated to suspicions of misconduct, please contact us at info@rltrans.fi

Processing and confidentiality of reports

Our Whistleblowing channel is anonymous and is based on a secure and encrypted service provided by Domainkeskus / MMD Networks (www.domainkeskus.fi). The channel does not store information that could identify the person sending the message. Only designated individuals with specific names handle reports received through the Whistleblowing channel, and the process is confidential. Confidentiality also applies when the reporter discloses their identity.

When making a report, the reporter receives a personal link, which should be saved and used to follow the processing of the report and engage in discussions with the handler.

Please note that when submitting a report, you must save the link to your clipboard before proceeding to the conversation window. As the system does not store any information about you, we cannot send you a notification when the handler responds, so remember to log into the system periodically to check the status.

RL Trans is committed to thoroughly investigating all reports and taking necessary actions based on the information provided. All reports are processed promptly. No one who is the subject of a report or has potential conflicts of interest endangering the investigation will be involved in the inquiry.

The reporting channel should not be used for purposes other than reporting legal or violations of company principles.

The personal and other information provided in the reporting system is treated confidentially and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

All reported information, including the identity of the reporter and the person being reported, may be reported to competent authorities, such as the police or the Financial Supervisory Authority, in accordance with applicable legislation.

Information included in reports or obtained in connection with reporting can be used in internal investigations of violations. Only individuals within the company who necessarily need access to this information to investigate the report can access and handle the reported information. RL Trans strives to keep this group of individuals as narrow as possible. In the event of criminal charges, the reporter will be informed that their identity may need to be disclosed during investigations or legal proceedings.