Working Environment Policy

Our employees are our most valuable resource. The overarching objective of RL-TRANS is to systematically improve our working environment in order to reduce and prevent risks for work-related illnesses and accidents. Laws, regulations and authority requirements concerning the working environment form the basis of the minimum requirements for the organization’s working environment.


Quality Policy

Oy RL-TRANS Ab aims to exceed our customers’ expectations regarding our company and its services as a high-quality, safe and reliable logistics partner within the area of bulk logistics. Our concept and the competence of our employees are signs of high quality. Our quality policy encompasses the following:

  • The customer is at the centre in terms of trust, accessibility, treatment and service performance.
  • We improve our processes systematically in cooperation with our customers. We offer our customers the most high-quality services on the market, with special focus on safety.
  • All employees should be committed and feel proud of the company’s participation, competence and accountability. All employees are required to handle their work assignments in accordance with given instructions.
  • Our way of working is characterized by our values as well as our openness and honesty towards our customers.
  • The company’s operations are continually improved with the help of a strict and regular quality surveillance system.


Feed and Food Safety

Our employees have been informed of the special requirements concerning food-/ feedstuff transports as well as the connected cleanliness and hygiene requirements, and our employees are aware of their significance. Employees who focus on food-/feedstuff transports receive separate training and are required to have skills necessary for said transports, such as cleaning abilities/reliability, ADR driving authorization, and knowledge of different cleaning methods. Transport coordinators play a vital part and have knowledge of different substances and their characteristics, as well as of the cleaning methods.

We invest in the condition and quality of our vehicles, which are kept in good condition with a carefully drafted maintenance plan. In addition, our transport vehicles are inspected and cleaned according to regulations (IDTF).

The documentation of transports and the preservation of said documents is managed systematically and in accordance with the legislation. All cargo-specific data and papers are attached to the freight book, guaranteeing 100% traceability of cargos.


Environmental Policy

RL-TRANS strives to avoid environmental pollution, to reach a leading position within the branch, and to prevent detrimental environmental impacts caused by our services. We aim to do this by actively promoting environmental development work and continually improving our operations. RL-TRANS shall protect the environment by:

  • Adhering to environmental requirements set by the legislation and authorities.
  • Communicating our environmental goals in an open and honest dialogue with our personnel, the authorities, interest groups and the public; and also by cooperating with suppliers and distributors in order to create environmentally conscious behaviour and options.
  • Choosing technologies that have a minimal environmental impact.


Alcohol and Drug Policy

RL-TRANS has zero tolerance in terms of alcohol and drug use. Our employees are strictly forbidden to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Our Values

Customer-centered – We are customer-centered and business-oriented. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions. We utilize our resources effectively by working as a team. We take responsibility and promote sustainable solutions that bring added value to our customers.

Respect – We value our employees’ skills and are together responsible for creating a good working environment. We treat others the way we would wish to be treated. We always act in our customers’ and company’s interest.

Operational capacity – We understand that continuous decision-making, planning and quick implementation are decisive in our branch.

Reliability – We aim to surpass all our competitors within the branch. We always keep our promises.